National Weather Center Virtual Tour

This virtual tour features the NOAA Weather Partners located in the National Weather Center on the University of Oklahoma Research Campus in Norman, Oklahoma.

The NOAA Weather Partners are five federal government organizations involved in weather research, forecasting and support. They are: National Severe Storms Laboratory, National Weather Service Forecast Office, NEXRAD Radar Operations Center, Storm Prediction Center and Warning Decision Training Branch.

Take the virtual tour!

What will you see on the Virtual Tour?

Floor 1: Vehicle Bay

First Floor

  • National Weather Center Atrium
  • Auditorium
  • Vehicle Bay

Floor 2: NSSL Development Laboratory

Second Floor

  • Storm Prediction Center
  • Hazardous Weather Testbed
  • NWS Forecast Office
  • NSSL Development Laboratory

Floor 3: ROC Applications Branch

Third Floor

  • Radar Operations Center’s Applications Branch

Floor 4: Warning Decision Training Branch

Fourth Floor

  • Phased Array Radar Lab
  • Library
  • Warning Decision Training Branch

Floor 5: OU School of Meteorology (no video)

Fifth Floor

  • University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology (no video)

Observation Deck

Observation Deck (Floor “O”)

  • Observation Deck

Tour hosted by Daphne Thompson, NOAA/CIMMS Meteorologist and Educational Outreach Coordinator. Videos produced by James Murnan, NOAA/Indus Audio/Visual and Production Specialist. Flash programming by Clark Payne, Research Associate for CIMMS/Warning Decision Training Branch.