National Severe Weather Workshop 2005
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A national forum for academia, emergency management, media, and NOAA to exchange information and techniques for public safety during severe weather.

March 1-3, 2007

National Center for Employee Development

2801 East State Highway 9
Norman , Oklahoma 73071-1104

The Scenario

The 2007 edition of the National Severe Weather Workshop offers attendees a unique opportunity to participate in a role-playing scenario. During the two-day scenario, teams will simulate real-life situations in an actual weather event and explore information needs for decision making by three communities involved in real-time warning operations and information dissemination:

    • the National Weather Service
    • broadcast meteorologists, and
    • emergency managers.

Audience members will participate in identifying challenges and will generate ideas for improving communication. To help foster improved teamwork and increase empathy for others' roles, participants will be asked to participate in a role that is different from their regular job. The scenario will also showcase a number of "best practices" related to warning decision making and response. Part of Day Two will be devoted to reviewing the lessons learned from this scenario.

A main outcome will be ideas to improve effective communication with each other during severe weather events, with the ultimate goal of getting better information from and to the public.

Agenda subject to change.
Any changes will be posted here if they occur.

Updated January 22, 2007

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