NSSL Research Topics and Related Info

  • NEW! WARN ON FORECAST: Forecasting severe weather before the threat is ever detected. [PDF, 1.3MB]
  • NEW! MULTI-FUNCTION PHASED ARRAY RADAR: Multi-function phased array radar can quickly scan the weather while detecting and tracking aircraft. [PDF, 732 kB]
  • TWISTER SCIENCE: How NSSL’s research provided the inspiration for the movie, “Twister.” [PDF, 312 kB]
  • PHASED ARRAY RADAR: New Radar Technology Can Increase Tornado Warning Lead Times [PDF, 272 kB]
  • VORTEX2: NSSL is part of the largest and most ambitious attempt to explain tornadoes—their origins, structure and evolution—ever. [PDF, 256 kB]
  • WEATHER RADAR RESEARCH: For more than 40 years, NSSL has led the nation with ingenuity and creativity to push radar technology to the edge. [PDF, 168 kB]
  • FORECAST AND WARNING IMPROVEMENTS:  NSSL studies thunderstorms from many different points of view. [PDF, 424 kB]
  • HYDROMETEOROLOGY RESEARCH: Our nation’s health, economy and security depend on the monitoring and prediction of fresh water resources. [PDF, 152 kB]
  • FIELD RESEARCH PROJECTS: NSSL researchers know the best way to learn about the nature of severe storms and their hazards is to observe them when and where they happen. [PDF, 176 kB]
  • FIELD RESEARCH EQUIPMENT: NSSL has been a pioneer in designing innovative field research equipment used for taking measurements of hazardous weather. [PDF, 164 kB]
  • NOAA HAZARDOUS WEATHER TESTBED: The NOAA HWT targets developing, testing and evaluating severe weather forecast and warning techniques throughout the U.S.. [PDF, 204 kB]
  • OUTREACH AND COMMUNICATIONS: NSSL conducts, develops, supports, promotes and coordinates formal and informal educational activities at all levels to enhance public awareness and understanding of severe weather and severe weather research. [PDF, 152 kB]
  • NSSL/SPC COLLABORATION: NSSL’s Collaboration with the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center [PDF, 216 kB]

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