Outstanding Radar Operations Center employees recognized

Terrell "B" BallardTen Radar Operations Center employees nominated for awards were recognized at the Annual Oklahoma Federal Executive Board Awards Banquet May 7 in Norman.  These outstanding employees were selected by ROC management boards that identified organizational leaders based on three criteria: job accomplishments, impact on operations, and outside achievements. The nominees and their categories were:

Eric L. Ice — Clerical/ Administrative

Nancy Beck — Outstanding Community Service

Tanyelle M. Casper — Outstanding Customer Service

Steven Smith — Supervisory

Christina Horvat — Supervisory (Dept. of Defense)

William H. Greenwood — Administrative, Technical, & Professional, GS-8  and below

Mark Wakeam — Administrative, Technical, & Professional, GS-8 and below (Dept. of Defense)

Terrell “B” Ballard — Administrative, Technical, & Professional, GS-9 and above

Darcelle “Darcy” Saxion — Administrative, Technical, & Professional, GS-9 and above (Dept. of Defense)

Washington Coast Team- Outstanding Team

Terrell “B” Ballard was chosen from ten nominees as the winner for the Administrative, Technical, & Professional, GS-9 and above category. “B,” as he is known around the office, is the team leader and recognized expert for the radar technicians who perform both emergency and routine maintenance on the 160 NEXRAD radar systems world-wide.  He is known as a “hands on” leader and is the lead on all of the most difficult on-site repairs.  Ballard also assists with the 24-hour customer service hotline that provides technical assistance via phone with a focus on repairing radars after major equipment failures. The fleet of current radars has a goal of 96 percent operational availability and Ballard’s team is directly credited with keeping that metric at an amazing 99 percent. He is also active in his community as a member of both the Masons and Shriners.

Congratulations to Ballard and all award nominees. Your hard work and excellence in the community does not go unnoticed!