Check out “That Weather Show” podcasts!

NSSL staff created a new outreach tool called “That Weather Show,” a number of short podcasts covering a wide range of weather-related topics.  The NOAA Weather Partners website hosts “That Weather Show” and NSSL is working to make the podcasts available through I-Tunes and offer subscriptions to an RSS feed of new additions.

“That Weather Show” currently offers:

  • What career options are available to meteorology graduates?
  • What you need to know if you’re thinking about pursuing a degree in meteorology
  • 2008: Record-Setting Tornado Season?
  • Flash Flood Safety in a Car
  • Tornado Safety in a Car
  • Tornado Safety at Home
  • Flash Flood Safety at Home
  • Storm Spotting

Find the “That Weather Show”  link at the lower right side of this page, or go to:

Significance:  Supports society’s needs for weather and water information.