NOAA donates computers to Oklahoma emergency managers and students

Nearly 60 surplus federal computers that would have been discarded by two National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agencies in Norman, the Radar Operations Center and the Storm Prediction Center, will instead serve to protect the lives and property of Oklahoma citizens and further the education of Oklahoma youth.

NOAA’s Radar Operations Center recently donated about 40 computers to Douglass High School in Oklahoma City to replace some of the equipment destroyed in a fire last year. These computers have already been installed in the school. Later this year, NOAA staff, working on their own time, will install a school radio station donated by Dwight Lee of DBZ & Lee, an organization that works closely with the ROC.

In addition, another NOAA organization, the Storm Prediction Center, donated 20 surplus computers to Oklahoma emergency management agencies in need of the equipment for official use. This contribution will allow the older and slower systems, which SPC replaced, to serve and protect 20 different Oklahoma counties. An idea of the SPC, this effort was made possible through collaboration with the National Weather Service Norman Forecast Office and the Oklahoma Emergency Managers Association.

“I can’t think of a better way to extend the productive life of old computers,” said Joe Schaefer, director of NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center. “The benefits to our local communities make these projects worth every effort.”